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The land we're offering is the perfect place for you to acquire a substantial part of the American Dream at the best land value we know of. Check us out and make comparisons. Find out for yourself that this is the right decision. Read all the information. Then call and let us answer any questions you may have so you can make your dream come true. Most of us spend more than the land payment every month without ever knowing where it goes. Here's your chance to save that money by putting it into an investment in your future, your retirement, your dream. Build an asset in nature in an unspoiled state, far from the noise, the pollution, the rat race and the crowds of the cities. Secure your own ranch in the heart of this secluded valley with 360 degree views that have to be seen to be believed! Enjoy life on the scale it was meant to be lived, in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, your heritage in America the beautiful. We're pleased to be able to share a part of it with you and your family in the San Luis Valley in colorful Colorado.

Easy Terms!

Our business concept is simple: If we offer the best possible deal, we'll sell more land. Besides the low cost of the land, we'll finance your entire land purchase. You can pay cash, use your bank's financing, or we'll finance it for you. No Qaualifying! Upon completing your easy monthly payments, you own YOUR OWN COLORADO LAND!

You can do it with a low down payment. Contact us to determine what your monthly payment would be based on your down payment.

Change Your Mind? We'll Trade!

We want you to be happy! If you cannot come to see the property now, we can choose your land for you. 

Our 40 acre parcels range from $14,950.00 to $29,950.00. Most are $19,950.00 & $24,950.00. 

About Us

KCC Inc. sells the most beautiful land in all of the San Luis Valley. We're proud of what we do because we're able to get people into the property they dream of, and all without needing to go through the banks. If you want more information, make sure to contact us!